Listening to the client
The client is always the centre of attention. It is his wishes that guide the project and we are always available to him.
Gardens are living places and even the slightest delay could lead to delaying the preparation stage for up to six months. For this reason the ‘Giardini di Filippi’ takes particular care to respect preparation, creation and maintenance timese.
We take the utmost care when selecting seeds, shrubs, plants and trees. This involves comparing products from several suppliers in order to identify the very best product in terms of its genetic qualities and whether its’ aesthetic characteristics are suitable for the chosen surroundings.
Our experience in the field has been passed down for four generations and we continually update our work by studying the latest innovations.
Taking care of the environment
The environment has always been at the forefront of our value map. These days the environment is an important issue and not only for those who are directly involved with it. We only use biological substances for the soil and shrubs. We are also specialised in restoring century-old trees and areas of Mediterranean maquis (areas of vegetation typical to the Mediterranean). Finally when planning an irrigation system we take great care to optimise the hydric resources available.